About Us

In 2014, the Adam family, who have lived on the Black Isle for over 20 years, bought the 62 hectares of farmland, woodland, cliffs and shorefront which comprise Easter Hillockhead Farm. We believe the area has great potential for agri-tourism, so with Jenny’s background in both farming and yurt making the idea of Black Isle Yurts was born.

We are a small working farm, with a growing flock of Hebridean sheep, two pigs, two Highland cows (our newest additions), and a few chickens. Jenny's three horses also help to keep the weeds down and are often to be seen enjoying the sea-views in the fields near the Hub.

Below are pictures of our log-framed barn (which we built ourselves and completed in 2015, the hub of our agricultural activities, not to be confused with 'The Hub'!), and some of the animals you might meet when out exploring the farmland.

black isle yurts - the barn   

Looking forward our continued aim is to be eco-sensitive and respectful of the land’s unique qualities, while opening up the site and sharing it with visitors and the wider public and protecting it for future generations to enjoy.


The Team

Jenny and/or Kenneth are on site to greet you upon your arrival, show you to your yurt and explain how to use the facilties at The Hub, as well as answer any questions you have or offer advice on the local attractions and activities. Kenneth has a thing for water so is likely to be at the beach or in his boat when not at work, and Jenny usually goes riding whenever the opportunity arises, but we can always be reached by telephone and should never be too far afield!

jenny    kenneth